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13 mag 2022 - 13 mag 2022

Ancient Talking Circle & KOTO Sound Healing

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**Friday May 13 **5.00P - 6.00P **$2500 per person Sharing the True Stories in Ancient flow along with Card session and Diving into the Sound Healing Journey This Talking Circle is based on the way of Native American Indigenous Tradition that heals the community in ancient time. In this workshop, this will be in the collaboration with cards session to enhance our intuition and awareness. That will guide us to open our heart and share the true story. We listen each other without any judgement. It will create respect and a safe space that we all need. After the Talking Circle, we invite you to dive into the KOTO Sound Healing Journey. Let the sound of KOTO, usher you for the ancestral journey and total relaxation. It is known that the live sound can much affect to our cells in the body by its vibration through the air and space, so that it can really ease our tension and nerves to reduce the stress. < What is KOTO ? > Koto is the national instrument of Japan, that has 13 strings with movable bridges. In ancient times, it was played for a spiritual purpose: especially when important decisions had to be made and one needs to be aligned for higher self. Still now, the sound of Koto contains the essence of ancestral voice. The sound and music it generates is the perfect way to transcend the mind into meditation. Join us together and let's welcome peaceful & healing weekend!


2.500,00 JMD


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